Price list

We have been operating in the aesthetic medicine industry for several years and we cooperate with doctors from all over Poland. NewU Institute is the result of our experience and dreams of creating a unique place for patients.

Price list


Consultation before surgery200 złIf a procedure is performed after the charge
consultation, then the consultation is free of charge

Loktal microneedle radiofrequency

TreatmentPriceSpecial offer
Facial revitalization1 000 zł-10% (min. 3 treatments)
Revitalization of 1 area (eyes / mouth)500 zł-10% (min. 3 treatments)
Revitalization of the face + neck + cleavage1 300 zł-10% (min. 3 treatments)
Hand revitalization800 zł-10% (min. 3 treatments)
Scar reductionod 700 – 1 000 zł-10% (min. 3 treatments)
Reduction of stretch marks1 000 zł-10% (min. 3 treatments)
Surgical removal of skin lesions300 zł399 zł
(removal of changes with histopathological examination)

PDO and P(LA/CL) threads

TreatmentPriceSpecial offer
1 lifting thread400 zł350 zł (more than 4 threads )
1 revitalizing thread70 zł60 zł more than 2 threads)
Revitalization of the eye / cheek areafrom 800 zł
Second chin lift2 400 zł
Cheek lift + jawline3 200 zł
Nose correction1 600 zł

Hyaluronic acid

TreatmentPriceSpecial offer
Hyaluronic acid / 1ml
(Revitrane, Da:all Dermal fill)
1 300 zł1 000 zł (for each additional ml )
Lips900 – 1 300 zł
Volumetryod 1 300 do 4 500 zł


TreatmentPriceSpecial offer
Hyaluronidase / 1 area800 zł


TreatmentPriceSpecial offer
Biostimulator1 200 zł

Botulinum toxin

TreatmentPriceSpecial offer
Botulinum toxin (1 area)500 zł
Botulinum toxin (3 areas)1 400 zł

Blepharoplasty and Browlift

TreatmentPriceSpecial offer
Upper eyelid surgery3 500 zł
Plastic surgery of the upper eyelids and revitalization of scars on the eyelids/
RF Local
3 800 zł
Eyelid plastic surgery / medicine Anna Ptasinski from 4 500 zł
Brow lift from 3 000 zł
Brow lift plus revitalization of the eye area,scar resurfacing from 3 800 zł

Aesthetic and functional gynecology

TreatmentPriceSpecial offer
Labiaplasty4 500 – 6 000 zł
Urinary incontinence treatment with RF Loktal1 000 zł 2 400 zł
(package of 3 treatments)
Revitalization of intimate areas1 000 zł 2 100 zł
(package of 3 treatments)
Increasing the labia volume with hyaluronic acidfrom 1 300 zł
Removal of skin lesions in intimate areas300 zł
Revitalization of scar after incision / cesarean section 700 – 1 000 zł 1 500 zł
(package of 3 treatments)
Narrowing of the vaginal opening with PDO threads           2 500 zł
Surgery of the clitoral foreskin folds4 500 zł – 6 000 zł
Urinary incontinence treatment1 000 zł2 400 zł
(package of 3 treatments)
Preparation and evaluation of a histopathological specimen 350 zł
Performing and evaluating an immunohistochemical examination   450 zł
Preparation and evaluation of a gynecological cytology preparation80 zł
BD SurePath™ LBC cytology preparation and evaluation150 zł
BD Onclarity™ hr-HPV 14 genotypes DNA250 zł
Bundle (LBC BD SurePath™ + hr-HPV 14 genotypesDNA BD Onclarity™)​​​​      370 zł
Bundle (LBC BD SurePath™ + hr-HP DNA BD Onclarity™ + biomarkers)780 zł
Evaluation of p16 and Ki-67 biomarkers500 zł
Gardasil 9 HPV vaccination550 zł / 1 dose


TreatmentPriceSpecial offer
Body modeling (1 area)350 zł 750 zł
(package of 3 treatments)
Non-invasive lifting250 zł600 zł
(package of 3 treatments)
Psoriasis250 zł600 zł
(package of 3 treatments)
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