Our team

It is said that we carry beauty within us, which is why we have invited experienced specialists to our team who know how to feel good in their own skin.

Our team consists of experienced doctors who share a passion for their profession. We restore self-confidence, emphasizing the safety of patients and good mutual relations. All this contributes to the spectacular effects of the treatments we achieve.
We are guided by continuous development, which is why our doctors actively participate in subsequent courses and training. They gain knowledge at national and foreign medical congresses, improve themselves alongside the best in their profession.

Our Institute would not exist without them. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the information about our specialists and to take advantage of consultations.
Doctor Agnieszka Modzelewska
Aesthetic medicine ophthalmologist
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Doctor Anna Ptasiński
Ophthalmologist, Aesthetic Medicine Specialist
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Doctor Serhii Tsomakh
Surgeon, Aesthetic Medicine Specialist
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Mgr Milena Żerańska
Master of nursing, Certified Capenergy Trainer
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