Dissolution of hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that allows the dissolution of the filler based on hyaluronic acid. It immediately breaks its chemical bonds and starts the process of absorption by the body. Hyaluronidase is used in the case of complications after the administration of hyaluronic acid – it is the most effective way to treat the negative effects.

What do you need to know?

Duration time  

45-60 minutes

Convalescence period

The patient can immediately return to daily activities. There may be minor bruising at the injection site.


Dissolution of hyaluronic acid at the site of administration of the preparation.


  • Complications after previous treatment with hyaluronic acid
  • see-through of the filler through the skin due to too shallow application of the acid
  • Chronic edema resulting from vascular compression or water retention at the site of filler injection
  • Dissolution of incorrectly applied hyaluronic acid (e.g. in the case of asymmetry)
  • Tissue necrosis that threatens the patient, caused by improper administration of hyaluronic acid, visual disturbances, allergic reaction, persistent edema
  • In case of filler displacement, long-term lumps or unevenness at the site of acid implantation
  • Intolerance to hyaluronic acid or cross-linking agent


Immediately before the procedure, the doctor performs an allergy test – if there is no alarming reaction, the procedure is continued after 15-30 minutes. The doctor resigns from the allergy test in the event of threatening skin necrosis. Before applying, inform your doctor about your medications and allergies! There is no edema after administration of hyaluronidase. As with any injection, however, bruises may appear, which disappear after a few days. Hyaluronidase has a pH close to neutral, so there is no burning sensation during administration.

Photo before and after treatment with hyaluronidase on the upper lip.

Zdjęcie przed / po zabiegu z użyciem hialuronidazy na górną wargę.


Treatment                                     Price
Hyaluronidase – 1 area            800 zł


Can you be allergic to hyaluronidase?

Yes, that is why the doctor performs allergen tests before the procedure.

What are the contraindications to administering hyaluronidase?

  • allergy to sheep or bovine protein
  • allergic to stinging insects
  • active herpes or other unidentified skin conditions
  • viral, bacterial, fungal diseases
  • pregnancy
  • cancers

Can the filler be used again after the procedure?


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