Plastic surgery of the labia

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure improving the shape of the labia. However, there is no single, ideal shape to which we strive.

The appearance of the labia depends on many factors – genetic, number of births or age. However, it happens that large labia cause abrasions, discomfort and even pain when wearing underwear and performing various activities. The labia reduction surgery brings relief.

What do you need to know?

Duration time

90-120 minutes 

Convalescence period

7-10 days. Special recommendations for 4 weeks


After approximately 7 days


Labiaplasty is an aesthetic and functional procedure that, on the one hand, improves the appearance of the intimate area, and on the other, brings relief in the patient’s daily functioning. Labiaplasty is aimed at improving the shape of the labia, reducing them or correcting their asymmetry or deformation.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is preceded by a medical consultation. Research is also required, which we write about in the FAQ. Labia correction is a “one day surgery” procedure, so the patient can go home after it. After about 7 days, the patient reports for a check-up and the doctor removes the stitches.


Qualification for the procedure is largely based on the patient’s individual feelings. Indications for labiaplasty are large labia, their asymmetric shape, deformation as a result of injuries or diseases. Overgrown labia are conducive to infections and chafing, especially in the summer.


The aim of the procedure is to reduce the labia and this is the effect we get. The treatment does not need to be repeated, its effects are permanent.


Labiaplasty4 500 – 6 000 zł


Can labiaplasty be performed during menstruation?

No. Plan the surgery after menstruation, so that you have 7-14 days to heal the wound. Thanks to this, you will avoid the greater risk of infection and the additional pain that accompanies menstruation.

What device is the labia correction performed with?

At our Institute, we use the Loktal medical device, which is designed for aesthetic and functional gynecology treatments.

How to care for the wound after labiaplasty?

Care of the intimate area after labia surgery is very important and includes several recommendations. First of all, you should take care of hygiene: after each bowel movement and additionally 3 times a day. It is necessary to wash intimate area with plenty of water. It is recommended to use an intimate hygiene liquid. Then you can use a disinfectant, e.g. Octanisept (spray around the wound several times) and wait for it to dry, or use disposable paper towels, but don’t rub! Air the wound as often as possible.

What not to do after labiaplasty? Recommendations

Recommendations after labiaplasty cover the period of 4 weeks after the procedure. The patient should refrain from intercourse and strenuous exercise. As for physical activity, we recommend walking. Avoid lifting heavy objects, going to the swimming pool, using the sauna and solarium.

Can I sit down after labiaplasty?

Immediately after the procedure, there may be discomfort associated with sitting, but it passes after the stitches are removed. There are no contraindications when it comes to the sitting position after the procedure.

How long does the swelling last?

Swelling after surgery is an individual matter. In some patients, it disappears after a few days after the procedure, in others it may persist even for several weeks. In case of doubt, please contact the doctor who performed the procedure.

How much days off should I plan after the procedure?

We recommend taking min. 7 days off until the stitches are removed. Unless the Patient can afford to work remotely.

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    Post-treatment feedback

    The treatment changed my life. I stopped being ashamed in front of my partner and started accepting myself

    Before the procedure, many activities caused me pain. I couldn’t ride a bike, intercourse was uncomfortable, and my underwear was chafing in the summer. After the surgery, everything has changed. Thank you!

    Who perform treatments
    Doctor Maciej Pabisiak

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