Needle mesotherapy

Needle mesotherapy

The treatment consists in administering a nutritional cocktail in the form of an injection.
The substances contained in it penetrate deep into the skin, thanks to which they can act faster.

Mesotherapy is a safe and very effective treatment that improves
the appearance of the skin.

What do you need to know?

Duration time                        

30 minutes 

Convalescence period               

You can return to activity immediately after the procedure


They appear after a few days, but the condition of the skin continues to improve for many weeks


After selecting the appropriate preparation, the specialist cleans and disinfects the skin. The preparation is then administered by injection. In addition, if necessary, it is possible to put anesthesia in the cream before proceeding with the treatment procedure.


The effects are visible after just one treatment, but it is recommended to perform a series of 4 treatments at intervals of 3-4 weeks.

The administration of nutrients gives the skin luminosity and elasticity with marked cooling.

It helps to eliminate the symptoms

Needle mesotherapy — price

TreatmentRegular price
Needle mesotherapy
1000 PLN


What are the indications for the procedure?

  • Improvement of skin firmness
  • Hydration and nourishment of the skin
  • Reduction of wrinkles and furrows
  • Improvement of the condition of skin with acne scars
  • Reduction of discoloration
  • Improvement of skin tone

What are the contraindications to the procedure?

  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Hypersensitivity or allergy to a component of the preparation
  • Cancer
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Active inflammation of the skin
  • Skin infection
  • Taking blood thinners
  • Unhealed wounds in the treatment area

What are the post-treatment recommendations?

After the procedure, you should give up sunbathing and use creams with a UV filter. You should also remember about proper home care and the use of skin regenerating cosmetics.

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