Surgical removal of skin lesions

Skin changes, such as fibromas, warts, pigmented and blue moles, or so-called moles can be safely and quickly removed so that they do not turn into cancerous changes.

The most common motivation for removing a lesion on the skin is lowering self-esteem due to its location. Patients with visible warts on the face, fibromas on the back or moles located on the neckline come to us. It is worth using the help of a doctor – get tested and make an appointment for surgical removal of skin lesions. At NewU Institute we use the Loktal medical device, which enables precise excision of the lesion, minimizing the risk of a hard-to-heal scar.

What do you need to know?

Duration time                        

30 – 45 minutes

Convalescence period               

Approximately 1-3 weeks until the wound heals


They appear immediately after the procedure. Full effect after wound healing


Removal of skin lesions is not a complicated procedure. It is preceded by surface or infiltration anesthesia – depending on the doctor’s decision. The procedure is not painful, and thanks to the use of the Loktal medical device, its duration is shorter than when using a traditional scalpel. Thanks to the coagulation function, we reduce bleeding to a minimum. Removal of skin lesions, in particular pigmentation changes, requires examination under a dermatoscope. At our Institute, it is possible to order a histopathological examination.


Treatment  Price Special offer
Skin lesion removal         300 zł399 zł
(with histopathological examination)


Is every lesion removable?

Each change requires consultation, especially if there are disturbing symptoms (change of color, size, itching, redness, etc.). After prior examination, the lesion can be removed.

What are the recommendations after the skin lesion removal procedure?

Avoid swimming, sunbathing, saunas and irritating substances. We are waiting for the wound to fully heal after removal.

How many lesions can be removed in one visit?

This is an individual matter, but usually we can remove up to 2-3 lesions during one procedure.

Does a scar remain after removal of the skin lesion?

As after any surgical procedure, a scar may remain. Its size, of course, depends on the area that has been removed. After a few weeks, you can perform a scar revitalization procedure using the Loktal RF microneedle.

Make an appointment or consulate

    Opinions about the procedure

    Post-treatment feedback

    Finally, I got examined and removed a birthmark on my face that was taking away my confidence. The procedure went smoothly and painlessly.

    Who perform treatments
    dr Aleksandra Olejarska Chirurg Piękna
    Doctor Aleksandra Olejarska,
    Surgeon, Aesthetic Medicine Specialist

    see more
    Doctor Serhii Tsomakh
    Surgeon, Aesthetic Medicine Specialist

    see more
    Doctor Maciej Pabisiak

    see more
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