Doctor Anna Ptasiński

Doctor Anna Ptasiński cares for her patients’ eyelids like no other. She supervises oculoplasty at the NewU Institute, performs blepharoplasty procedures and is an Instructor during trainings for doctors organized by NewU.

The doctor is an ophthalmologist who combines extensive knowledge in the field of surgical procedures around the eyes with aesthetic medicine treatments. She is a co-owner of Medicine Clinic in Józefów.

Patients appreciate her professionalism, extraordinary precision in blepharoplasty procedures and building relationships based on mutual understanding and empathy.

Knowledge of languages:

Anna Ptasiński graduated from Poznan University of Medical Sciences and Postgraduate Studies in the field of Aesthetic Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw. Her experience consists of numerous trainings and courses, e.g. in the USA and the United Arab Emirates, as well as a professional internship in oculoplastic surgery at the clinic of Dr. Romulo Mene in Brazil, an international expert in the field of aesthetic medicine, a pioneer and creator of protocols for combined facial skin rejuvenation and revitalization techniques.

Doctor Ptasiński is up to date with current research and treatment techniques. She participated, among others in the training of theEuropean School of Ophthalmology (ESACO) in Switzerland under the supervision of the world-renowned oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Ramon Mendel, as well as in scientific conferences in Poland and abroad, e.g. in the USA, Brazil, Japan and the British Isles.

The doctor performs advanced surgical and fractional-microneedle procedures using the Loktal medical device. Her dossier includes hundreds of upper and lower eyelid surgery (percutaneous and transconjunctival). The name Ptasiński regularly appears on the largest nationwide groups of patients in social media, focused around blepharoplasty.


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