Rejuvenation, regeneration and radiance

They stimulate the skin to rebuild collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the youthfulness and elasticity of our skin. Stimulators reduce skin imperfections and wrinkles, visibly improving the skin condition.

Treatments using skin stimulators are safe and carry a low risk of complications. In the case of some stimulators it is necessary to take an oral antihistamine about half an hour before the procedure. It is available in the pharmacies without prescription.

Co musisz wiedzieć?

Duration time                        

30-45 minutes

Convalescence period 

Redness and swelling should subside within a few hours.


After 3-4 days. They deepen in the following weeks.


  • Wrinkles on the face, neck, cleavage
  • First signs of aging
  • Loss of skin tone
  • Flabby skin, loss of facial contour
  • Wrinkles around the eyes


Depending on the used product, we obtain the effect of moisturizing, improving skin density, smoothing wrinkles, improving the face contour. We get a natural effect, without increasing volume or changing facial features. The skin stimulator adds radiance to the skin, firms it and reduces its imperfections. The first effects are visible after a few days, but the effect deepens over the following weeks. It is recommended to repeat treatment every 6 months.


During the procedure the specialist performs several punctures with a thin needle. Anesthesia is not required, but can be applied.


Biostimulator1 200 zł


What is the difference between a skin stimulator and a filler?

The filler works immediately, filling wrinkles or increasing the volume of the skin at the application site. The tissue stimulator has a long-term effect, stimulating the skin to renew and produce new collagen and fibroblasts.

Are biostimulators same as mesotherapy?

No. Biostimulators have a stronger effect than the products used in mesotherapy.

How many treatments need to be performed?

The specialist performing the procedure decides about the series of treatments and selects them individually. We usually recommend 2-3 treatments at intervals of several weeks.

What is the composition of a biostimulator?

Tissue stimulators differ in composition and application. Before the procedure ask the doctor what preparation he will use and what it contains.

What are the types of skin stimulators?

There are many facial stimulators on the market, including Gouri, Ejal40, Nucleofill, Sunekos or Profhilo.

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    Opinions about the procedure

    I took advantage of the treatment to improve the condition of my skin after the holidays. It's been three weeks since the first treatment and I can see the effects. The skin regenerates nicely, looks younger and well- nourished.

    Who perform treatments
    Doctor Serhii Tsomakh
    Surgeon, Aesthetic Medicine Specialist

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