Flat lips technique

Modelowanie ust na płasko

Lips are an inseparable attribute of femininity, they catch the eye and affect our sense of attractiveness. This is why lip augmentation has gained so much popularity, but recently one technique in particular has been attracting a lot of attention. This is flat lip modeling – what is the Paris lips method?

Flat lip modeling – what is the procedure?

Modeling the lips using the flat method brings a very natural effect. The amount of the preparation is selected individually. When using the flat technique, the upper lip is not turned upwards, so we avoid its excessive bulging. Hence the name Paris lips, a reference to the natural beauty that Parisians are famous for. Let us remember, however, that the method of lip augmentation is selected individually to the patient’s indications and expectations – after all, men also decide on this procedure!


The main indication for the procedure are, of course, aesthetic reasons – modeling the lips flat is to emphasize our beauty and more clearly highlight our attribute – beautiful lips. Among other indications with which patients report to us, there are mainly: asymmetry of the lips and scars located on the lip.

What the procedure looks like?

The course of the flat lip modeling procedure does not differ from the standard lip augmentation. First, the patient comes for a consultation, during which the patient’s card is filled out, contraindications to the procedure are eliminated and the expected effects of the procedure are determined. Then the doctor anesthetizes the patient with a cream with lidocaine or by injection. After the doctor performs the procedure – if is using the flat method, applies the filler to specific places, focusing mainly on the upper lip. An important difference in the administration of the filler is that it is done perpendicularly to the labial red, not parallel, as in standard techniques.


After the flat lip modeling procedure, we achieve a natural effect, without exaggeration. The upper lip is perfectly shaped, the cupid’s bow area is beautifully emphasized. Lips before and after modeling flat have more proportions, because during the procedure we focus mainly on the upper lip (which is smaller), and the lower one is gently emphasized. The full effect can be assessed after about 2 weeks. How long will it last? As a rule, 6-12 months, but it is an individual matter.

Is the procedure painful?

Each of us feels the pain or discomfort associated with the procedure differently. Lip modeling, regardless of which method we use, is usually not painful, because we use anesthesia. The patient may, however, feel the expansion of the mouth during the application of the preparation.


Opinions after the flat lip modeling procedure are very positive among patients who prefer a more natural look. People around you will notice a change in appearance – and that’s the point!


Procedure Price Pakiet
Lip modeling1300 zł1 000 zł (za każdy kolejny ml )


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