Non-invasive reduction of adipose tissue and cellulite

Body modeling and cellulite reduction treatments using radiofrequency are highly appreciated by patients. With the Capenergy device, we can perform modeling and slimming treatments on the abdomen, arms, buttocks, thighs and around the knees. The treatments are painless and at the same time extremely effective. The effects are visible after the first session. The technology used in the Capenergy device allows you to reduce adipose tissue, including visceral fat, and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. In addition, after each session, lymphatic drainage is performed, which supports the removal of toxins and consolidates the effects.

What do you need to know?

Duration time                        

60 minutes

Convalescence period               

The patient can immediately return to daily activities.


It's an individual issue.


Body modeling with the Capenergy device is a pleasant, relaxing treatment. We use different types of electrodes: automatic, capacitive and resistive. A set of cosmetics is dedicated to the treatment, which supports the operation of radiofrequency in obtaining satisfactory results.


  • Reduction of adipose tissue in the treated area
  • Reduction of cellulite and swelling caused by excess water in the body
  • Moisturizing, nourishing the skin
  • Visible increase in skin tension
  • Accelerating the metabolic processes of cells, stimulating the body to expel accumulated toxins and excess water

Fat removal effects. Photo before and after two treatments.


Treatment                           PriceSpecial offer
Mody modeling350 zł


When does the effect occur?

The effects are visible immediately after the treatment and deepen in the following weeks.

How many treatments should be performed?

The number of treatments is an individual matter. It depends on the initial condition of the skin and what effect we want to achieve. Lifestyle and adherence to recommendations are also important, e.g. drinking plenty of water.

What are the post-treatment recommendations?

  • The only recommendation is to drink plenty of water

What are the contraindications to the procedure?

  • pregnancy
  • lifting threads (we recommend 12 months between treatments)
  • fillers based on hyaluronic acid, botox (we recommend 6 months between treatments)
  • pacemaker, insulin pump
  • active neoplastic process
  • metal implants at the treatment site
  • active bacterial process

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    Opinions about the procedure

    Four centimeters less in circumference after one treatment, I am very satisfied! Very pleasant treatment!

    Who perform treatments
    Mgr Milena Żerańska
    Master of nursing, Certified Capenergy Trainer

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