Scar removal after blepharoplasty

Scars after upper or lower eyelid surgery

Scars after blepharoplasty are formed in the crease of the eyelid and are usually barely visible. However, the healing process depends on several factors, which is why in some patients scars may become an aesthetic defect that they would prefer to get rid of. How to remove scars after blepharoplasty? The eyelid revitalization treatment with Loktal microneedle radiofrequency comes in handy.

The procedure can be performed a few weeks after eyelid surgery. It does not require any special preparation and you can return to your daily activities on the second day.

What do you need to know?

Duration time

30-45 min.

Convalescence period               

1 – 2 days


They appear after approximately 3-4 weeks. The number of treatments depends on the type of scar.


Loktal microneedle radiofrequency is a minimally invasive procedure that brings spectacular results, also in the case of removing scars after blepharoplasty. It consists in micro-puncture with a special tip of the device, after prior anesthesia with a cream. The treatment stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and accelerates the reconstruction of the skin in the place of scar formation on the upper and lower eyelids.


Treatment                       Price
Scar removal                                                   500 – 700 zł


What are the post-treatment recommendations?

It is forbidden to sunbath and use new cosmetics that can cause allergies. It’s best to stay with proven care products. Immediately after the procedure and if possible for the next few days (2-4) do not make makeup. It is recommended to drink a lot of water.

Is the procedure painful?

Radiofrequency scar removal is not painful. We use local anesthesia.

Can the scar be tanned?

No, because then it stands out more on the skin and is harder to remove.

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    Opinions about the procedure

    Post-treatment feedback

    The treatment brought the expected effect. The scars have become lighter and are less and less visible. I have two more treatments ahead of me.

    Who perform treatments
    Doctor Anna Ptasiński
    Ophthalmologist, Aesthetic Medicine Specialist

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    dr Aleksandra Olejarska Chirurg Piękna
    Doctor Aleksandra Olejarska,
    Surgeon, Aesthetic Medicine Specialist

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    Doctor Serhii Tsomakh
    Surgeon, Aesthetic Medicine Specialist

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