Scar removal

Acne scars, caesarean section scars, injuries and surgeries

Scars appear as a result of illnesses and injuries. In the damaged place, our body produces fibrous connective tissue, which we see as a scar. The size and depth of the scar depends on the cause of injury. It happens that scars are visible throughout life and it is not always the result of improper skin care after an injury. How to get rid of scars? Scar removal treatments with radiofrequency and hyaluronic acid come with help.

Acne scars, smallpox scars, CS scars, burn scars – there are many types of scars and each of them requires a medical consultation before deciding on the type of treatment. At our Institute, we use several methods of scar removal: Loktal microneedle radiofrequency, Capenergy needlefree radiofrequency and revitalization with preparations containing hyaluronic acid or platelet-rich plasma.

What do you need to know?

Duration time

30 – 45 minutes

Convalescence period

7 days


After approximately 3-4 weeks. The number of treatments depends on the type of scar.

Acne scars

Acne scars are one of the most common skin problems in both men and women. Patients of all ages who would like to improve their attractiveness and remove scars come to us. The method of removing acne scars is selected individually depending on the appearance of the scar. If the scars are fresh and shallow, we usually use Capenergy needlefree radiofrequency. It often happens that we combine several methods to increase the effectiveness of the treatment and accelerate its effects.

Scars after CS

A caesarean section scar leaves an unsightly mark that can make a young mother feel less attractive. In order to rebuild and revitalize the caesarean scar, we use the Loktal microneedle radiofrequency treatment, which effectively reduces its visibility. We get the best results 6 -10 weeks after the scar appears, but we also deal with scars with a longer history. We recommend a series of treatments, but their number depends on the appearance and condition of the scar. Our patients can see the difference after the first treatment – CS scars begin to become shallower and brighter.

Microneedle and needlefree radiofrequency

Loktal microneedle radiofrequency is one of the most effective scar removal treatments. It does not require prior preparation by the patient, and the return to everyday activities takes place on the second day. Micro-needling stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and accelerates the reconstruction of the skin at the site of the scar.

Needle-free radiofrequency using the Capenergy device does not require puncturing the skin, because it works on its deeper layers. Electrotherapy brings excellent results in combination with RF microneedle or as a standalone treatment. In the latter case, it can become the basic treatment for fresh and shallow scars, e.g. after burns.

We use e.g. platelet-rich plasma and preparations based on hyaluronic acid. Each method of scar treatment is consulted with the patient and selected for his individual indications.


Removal of scars brings very good results after the first treatment – we observe shallower changes, and the patient feels a clear increase in skin tension, which is a sign of the beginning of regeneration and reconstruction processes. The reconstruction of the skin takes place in the weeks following the treatment, so the first effects can be assessed after 3-4 weeks.

The effect of removing acne scars with RF Loktal microneedle. Photos taken after the first and second treatment.

Efekt usuwania blizny po oparzeniu za pomocą RF bezigłowej Capenergy. Zdjęcia wykonane po pierwszym i trzecim zabiegu.


Treatment    PriceSpecial offer
Scar removal with RF Loktal treatments500 – 1000 zł500 zł
(przy zakupie pakietu 3 zabiegów)
Scar removal with Capenergy treatments                                            250 zł200 zł
(przy zakupie pakietu 3 zabiegów)


What are the post-treatment recommendations?

It is necessary to avoid sunbathing and using new cosmetics that can cause allergies. It’s best to stay with proven care products. Immediately after the procedure and if possible for the next few days (2-4) do not do makeup. Drink plenty of water.

Does scar removal hurt?

The treatments we describe are not painful. We use local anesthesia, and in the case of needle-free radiofrequency, it is not used at all.

Can the scar be tanned?

No, because then it is more visible on the skin and is harder to remove.

Make an appointment or consulate

    Opinions about the procedure

    Post-treatment feedback

    Loktal has successfully dealt with the scar after the caesarean section.

    I used the Capenergy treatment. I came in with a fresh scar, so 4 treatments were enough for the skin to regenerate nicely. There is no trace of the scar anymore.

    Who perform treatments
    Doctor Serhii Tsomakh
    Surgeon, Aesthetic Medicine Specialist

    see more
    dr Aleksandra Olejarska Chirurg Piękna
    Doctor Aleksandra Olejarska,
    Surgeon, Aesthetic Medicine Specialist

    see more
    Mgr Milena Żerańska
    Master of nursing, Certified Capenergy Trainer

    see more
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